The Great KEN-TON Scavenger Hunt

In celebration of the Ken-Ton Chamber of Commerce’s 50th Jubilee. From July 30 – August 31

Free event



How It Works

Get your first free entry at the Ken-Ton Chamber of Commerce tent at Discover Kenmore on Sat. July 30. Our tent is typically at the intersection of Delaware Road and Delaware Ave. Discover Kenmore is 10 am-4 pm.

  • Scan 5 codes and earn the first surprise
  • Scan 10 codes and earn the next prize
  • Scan 20 codes and you earn a medium-size Franco's Pizza with one topping!

Plus, you'll get a free entry to win our grand prize Jubilee Pack

Prizes to be announced soon!


  1. Register to play by clicking the button above.
  2. View the map of participating businesses.
  3. Go out in the community to visit the businesses. You will find a sticker with the Ken-Ton Chamber of Commerce's 50th anniversary logo and a QR code displayed on their window or door. Simply scan the code to add it to your account.
    • To scan the QR code at each merchant, just open up your camera phone and hold it up to the QR code. A link will appear on your camera.
      1. Click the link.
      2. Enter your email address.
      3. Click Add Business.
    • THAT'S IT! The business will be added to your account. When you have qualified to earn a prize, you will be contacted by a member of the Chamber of Commerce to make arrangements to send it to you. 

HAPPY HUNTING! Feel free to stop into the businesses and support them. 

Each QR code is unique to the Ken-Ton merchant and is located on the Ken-Ton Chamber of Commerce 50th Anniversary window/door decal. The decal is typically displayed on the door or window of each participating merchant.

Interactive Map of Participating Businesses

Participating businesses marked with a white star inside of a red circle